BRTC V10 Pore Cleansing Pad 80EA Weak acidity Low irritation moisturizing pore cleaning elasticity


[BRTC] V10 Pore Cleansing Pad 80ea

All-in-one Pore Cleaning Pad

Please note that cross-shipment may occur due to renewal in progress.

From makeup to waste and fine dust All Clear !!
A mildly acidic cleansing pad that can be used safely even on sensitive skin

Point 1: Michela Water in one bucket!
Micella particle water that attracts wastes is gentle on the skin,
and wastes are strongly absorbed!
It cleans every corner of the pores and leaves only moisture on the skin.

Point 2: weak acid cleanser that sensitive skin likes
It maintains skin balance with pH 5.5,
which makes it gentle on sensitive skin and balances the skin.

Point 3: Anti-Pollution Cleansing Pad
97% verification of fine dust cleaning effect completed!

Point 4: From cleansing to skin care! One Step Pad
No water washing with mild moisturizing ingredient + Micella water!
It contains 10 kinds of vitamin patented ingredients to care for vital and shiny skin texture!

[How to use]
-Convex embossed surface: Remove makeup/waste/fine dust
-Smooth and soft side: Prepares skin texture and supplies moisture