BRTC Power Homme All-in-One 200ml Moisturizing+fresh formulation mens skin care without stickiness


BRTC Power Homme All-in-One 200ml 

Moisturizing + fresh formulation, good for winter, fresh men's skin care without stickiness
It is full of moisture and helps to manage tight pores.
An all-in-one lotion with a soft, moisturizing essence formulation and a simple pumping type!
-Skin + lotion + essence at once!
-Pore & moisturizing effect, patented ingredient complex
Patented tannin pore complex that tightens sagging pores
Tight pore management with 8 types of pore care patented ingredients
+ Safflower extract/ Chestnut bark extract/ Persimmon tree leaf extract/ Sancho tree leaf extract/ Grape extract/ Coffee extract/ Hojanggeun extract/ Green tea extract
Blue Phyto Complex patented for skin soothing and moisturizing ingredients
6 vegetable patented ingredients
+ Lavender extract/ Cornflower extract/ Chamomile extract/ Clarisage extract/ Hyacinth extract/ Borage extract
* 3 kinds of plant research fermentation patented ingredients
Permantox Complex obtained by studying three plants
Cosmetic composition obtained by fermentation by inoculating effective microorganisms
+ Lactobacillus/Brown rice fermentation: skin crystallization, nutrition supply
+ Green tea extract: Skin protection
+ Pogongyeong extract: Revitalizing, brightening

[How to use]
After cleansing, take an appropriate amount of this product,
apply it gently all over the face, and pat lightly for absorption.