Broth fondant Korean broth pack natural seasoning solid stock (3g x 35EA) x 2EA

Broth fondant 3g x 35EA

Just add 1 pill to complete the broth quickly and easily!
If you add 3 minutes of boiling water and 1 pill, even beginners can easily taste deep.
The best Korean anchovy + dipori combination
The taste of clean nature brewed with 14 natural ingredients without MSG
Low-temperature roasting of anchovies to enhance flavor and catch fishy smell
MSG flavor enhancer, fragrance, emulsifier, preservative free
Use of sea salt
14 natural ingredients
(Kashimi, anchovy, bonito, garlic, radish, ginger, leek, dipori, onion, lotus root, burdock, cabbage, shiitake, celery)
Add freeze-dried ingredients
Onion, radish, burdock, cabbage, shiitake, celery, carrot, leek

[How to use]

-Put 300ml of water into the pot (3-4 tablets per 1L of water)
If you boil it with water from the beginning, the flavor will come alive.
-Add 1 pill of broth fondant and boil for about 3 minutes.
Please adjust the number according to your preference.
-When the broth is released, complete the dish with the remaining ingredients.