Bring Green Tea Tree Cica Soothing Cream 100ml

Bring Green
Tea Tree Cica Soothing Cream 100ml

-Certified as a non-comedogenic product for cosmetics suitable for use on troubled skin
- A triple tea tree complex and cica high content combination soothes problematic skin concerns and cares for excess dead skin cells and sebum.
* Contains 30% of triple tea tree complex and 10% of Centella asiatica active to effectively care for irritated skin.
Triple Tea Tree: Tea tree flower/leaf/stem extract, tea tree extract, tea tree leaf oil
Centella asiatica active: Madecassoside, Centella asiatica extract
- Hypoallergenic soothing care, soft application, non-sticky fresh translucent cream type
- With spherical powder, it helps control oil and keeps it fresh without greasiness,
and fills it with moisture, so it helps balance the oil and moisture on the inside, which is fresh on the outside.

[How to use]

Light basic care:
Light moisture care within 3 seconds after cleansing in the morning
Lightly moisturizing and soothing care for irritated skin after returning home in the evening

Cool soothing pack for sensitive days:
Cool, soothing coffee for inflamed skin after making it cool by refrigeration

Home Care Sleeping Pack:
Sleeping pack care by taking twice the amount on days with exceptionally sensitive and dry skin.