[BPS]Amacdin Cream 50ml Daily Soothing Care Contains 76% Centella water 5% panthenol

Daily Soothing Care

Amacdin Cream 50ml

Light cream, fresh and moist, skin condition recovery
Contains 76% centella water, 5% panthenol,
Soothing sensitive skin, skin protection
Skin barrier, skin condition recovery
Centella Asiatic, Panthenol 5% helps to soothe sensitive skin, and Ceramide NP protects the skin for comfortable and healthy skin care.
Texture: Gently applied and moisturized, non-sticky gel cream type formulation

[I need it for these people!]
-If you are looking for a light moisturizing cream that is fresh and moist
-Those who are stimulated by temperature changes and need soothing and soothing
-People with sensitive skin that needs quick soothing management
-Those who have trouble with skin with a lot of sebum secretion

How to use

After cleansing, after using the skin and essence,
take an appropriate amount according to the skin type and apply evenly to the skin.