[Botanical Therapy] Easy Wash Sun Stick (15g) SPF 47 /PA+++

[Botanical Therapy]
Easy Wash Sun Stick (15g) SPF 47 /PA+++

* Easy-to-clean Easy Wash Sun Stick
Even children who don't like cleansers like it because it can be easily removed with water even if you don't use a special remover.
Botanical's unique washable sun care technology that bursts and disappears the moment the water washable coating layer covering the UV-blocking ingredient touches water.
* Convenient portability that can be reapplied at any time
It is applied lightly on the skin, so the children don't feel stuffy and the skin is refreshed and smooth.
*Non-nano inorganic tea that is gentle on the skin
A thin film is applied to the skin to reflect ultraviolet rays, so even children with sensitive skin can be relieved.
Children under 36 months of age with weak skin barriers can use it with confidence.
*Herbal therapy that helps calm the skin
Six plant-derived ingredients, such as chamomile flower water, help soothe the skin from sunburn.
*Skin hypoallergenic test completed

[How to use]
Turn the dial so that the content rises up to about 1cm, then apply it.