Botanic Heal BoH Derma Water Ceramide Gel Cream 95g

Botanic Heal BoH
Derma Water Ceramide Gel Cream 95g

Cooling moisture circulation cream without dryness
* -3℃ decrease in skin temperature
*24 hours moisture persistence
*Improve skin transparency
*Skin irritation test completed
-Moisture circulation & moisture supply
Water ceramide and aquaxil ingredients closely replenish moisture and
maintain moisture balance to provide moisture that does not dry for a long time.
-Aqua Toning
Lotus extract purifies the skin and improves dryness, making it clearer and more transparent.
-Moisture cooling
A refreshing and cool gel formulation that soothes the skin and tightens pores.
[The moment you need Derma Water Ceramide Gel Cream!]
-When your skin is tired and tired from hot sunlight
-When you feel your skin tightness is severe
-When you want elastic skin that is full of moisture
-When you want to purify dull skin

[How to use]
Every morning and evening, take an appropriate amount at the cream stage,
apply gently according to the skin texture, and pat lightly for absorption.