[Boral The Chef] Mini Round Induction BR-P300JR High Power Safe Timer Container Detection Function

Boral The Chef Mini Round Induction BR-P300JR

-Container detection function-It does not work if there is no container on the top plate
or if the container cannot be used on an induction stove.
-1500W ~200W (60℃~240℃)
-Pleasant cooking environment
-Safely without flame
-Simple operation with the jog dial (Power can be adjusted from P1 to P9, the power is displayed on the LCD window.)
-Timer function (from 1 minute to 99 minutes)
-Modern and luxurious ceramic glass
High-grade reinforced ceramic glass is used, and since heat does not pass directly to the top plate,
there is little damage to the top plate, so it is convenient for cleaning.
-Overheat prevention (automatically stops when the container temperature rises too high.
Temperature sensor and temperature fuse installed.
Rated voltage:220V /60Hz
Power consumption: 1500W