Bonajour Vegan Peptide Water Balm Moisture Cream 100ml Refreshing daily cream

Bonajour Peptide Water Balm Moisture Cream 100ml

A light but reliable moisture care cream that contains only refreshing moisture without oil for oily
and handicapped skin that is afraid of the cream.
-Skin moisture enhancement effect
-Improve skin moisture loss
-Sebum and oil reduction effect
-Wrinkle improvement functional certification
A watery texture that soaks in moisture as soon as it is applied and gives a soft finish without stickiness or greasyness.

[How to use]

Take an appropriate amount and apply it on the skin, then gently spread it out and tap it for absorption.
You can use it like a sleeping pack by applying it 2-3 times before bedtime.
For dry skin, try blending one or two drops of jojoba oil.