[Bonabella] TeaTree Purifying Mask 80ml Fine Dust Cleansing Soothing Moisturizing Nutrition Wash Off

[Bonabella] Tea Tree Purifying Mask 80ml

Fine Dust Cleansing + Soothing + Moisturizing + Nutrition

Green Recipe for Tired Skin-Tea Tree Purifying Mask
* Fine dust cleansing-Helps cleanse the external contaminants, wastes and fine dust accumulated on the skin.
*Brightening care
Pure Tox (20,000ppm), Nectar Pure, Juniper Berry, and other natural ingredients are included for brightening skin tone.
* Keratin sebum care
Tea tree leaf extract (100,000ppm) and buckwheat extract quickly soothe tired skin and care for dead skin cells and sebum.
* A clear gel-type formulation with a bright greenish brown color containing Eoseongcho leaves
* When applied to the skin, it feels cool and maintains a long moisturizing feeling even after wiping.

[Recommended for such people.]

-Those who want to clean the skin from contaminants such as fine dust
-Those who want soft skin texture with dead skin cells and sebum care
-Those who want to quickly soothe the skin irritated by external stress
-Those who want an immediate brightening effect

[How to use]
After cleansing,
apply an appropriate amount to the dry face using a spatula and roll it over the entire face excluding the areas of the eyes and mouth,
and apply thicker.
After taking a skin break for about 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water using a sponge.
Tip: We recommend using the tea tree purifying mask 1-3 times a week. It can also be used on the body as needed.
It is even better if you moisturize enough with a mask pack after wash off.