Body Peeling Pad Easy Cut 30ml x 8/16/24EA Peeling shower to wash away impurities and dead skin cell


Body Peeling Pad Easy Cut
30ml x 8Sheets(1Box)

(Peeling shower to wash away impurities and dead skin cells at once)

Natural peeling ingredients meet rich bubbles
Body peeling pads that do not require separate body wash and exfoliating agents
Melt gently with AHA + BHA!

* Hypoallergenic peeling with willow bark extract
Contains natural peeling ingredients, so skin peeling is not burdensome
* Ultra-simple, smooth and shiny shower
Care of dead skin cells at once with dual pads
* Cool and moist at the same time
Excellent moisturizing effect to keep skin moist even after shower
Home care with one piece, body peeling pad
The soft and mild embossing cotton is used to manage the soft areas,
and the green peeling pad manages the dead skin cells.

[I recommend it to these people.]

-Odol Todol angular skin
-Dry and loose skin
-Sensitive skin

[How to use]
-Wet your body with plenty of water.
-After opening the pouch and putting your hand on the pad,
rub the embossed surface as if rubbing it to create a foam on the body.
-Enjoy bubble keratin care first by rubbing carefully as if wiping the whole body.
-Use the opposite green pad to additionally roll the areas where dead skin cells are troubled (elbows, peach bones, etc.)
to manage secondary dead skin cells.
-Rinse your body thoroughly with lukewarm water.
* When used 2-3 times a week, smooth body care is completed.