Body Labs KomFort Footrest BL-00501 Posture correction Avoid cross-legged habits

Body Labs KomFort Footrest BL-00501

-Posture correction
Reduction of waist burden due to dispersion of lower body pressure
Avoid cross-legged habits
-Prevent lower body swelling
Helps blood circulation by maintaining the knee angle at 90 degrees
-Helps reduce fatigue and relieve pain through neck and calf list

[Recommended for these people.]
-Office workers with long sitting times, candidates
-Those who feel the burden on the turtle neck, waist, and posture
-Those who sweat a lot on their feet
-Those who stand for a long time
* ± 20 degree angle adjustment
* Anti-slip footer
*Full metal structure
* With a wide footrest of 380mm in width and 300mm in height,
it supports the lower body with a sense of stability regardless of foot size.