Bibilip LED lip mask Elasticity moisturizing care

Bibilip LED lip mask

Lip LED mask , Elasticity moisturizing care
It is a moisturizing and elasticity care LED mask for dry and fragile lips.
* Suitable for lips, lip shape optimization design
* LED red wavelength, 12 LEDs installed
*3 minutes a day, just bite and you're done!
*Electromagnetic compatibility test completed, hazardous substance test completed
* Clinical completion: Elasticity moisturizing care test completed / keratin improvement test completed / skin irritation test completed / 12 hour moisturizing power test completed

[Highly recommended for lips like this]

- Dry lips for which a lip balm is essential all year round
- Dark colored lips with frequent color make-up
-Fragile lips that hurt when it gets cold and tired
-Wrinkled and voluminous lips that look older

[How to use]

After washing your face and using skin care products,
apply a thick lip moisturizing product and keep it for about 10 minutes.
Remove the cover by turning the fixing bar 90 degrees clockwise.
Remove the lithium battery power cutoff cover.
After inserting the fixing bar into the LED hole, turn it 90 degrees counterclockwise to combine.
Put the silicone cover on the fixing bar and press the power switch to turn on the power.
Gently bite the silicone-covered fixing bar with your teeth and put your lips in close contact with the back of the device.
After 3 minutes of turning on the power, the power turns off automatically.
If you want to stop using it, press the power switch to turn it off.
After use, remove the silicone cover from the fixing bar, wash it under running water, and dry it.
Wipe the back of the device with a wet tissue and dry it.
Never wash LED devices with water. It may cause malfunction.