betterday Candide Premium whitening toothpaste 120g x 2/4EA Seoul National University patent

betterday Candide Premium whitening toothpaste 120g

Seoul National University patent

The patented ingredient galactose whitens it without calcium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide,
which are the main ingredients of whitening toothpaste.

-Hazardous ingredients and strong abrasives are not used.
-Suppression of harmful bacteria through proprietary technology'Rootus Quorum'
-No addition of 4 chemical components. Toothpaste that is safe for use by pregnant women and children
No fluorine, no hydrogen peroxide, no preservatives, no synthetic surfactant
-29% increase in bacterial film formation of beneficial bacteria by using toothpaste

[How to use]
Press and squeeze to soak in about 1/3 of the bristles.
For the full effect of Candide, brush your teeth without watering the bristles.
After brushing your teeth, rinse thoroughly 8-10 times to avoid leaving any toothpaste residue in your mouth.