Berocca Multivitamin 4800mg x 45EA Effervescent Multivitamin /High vitamin B content

Berocca Multivitamin
4800mg x 45 Tablets
Effervescent Multivitamin

* Energy vitamin that dissolves in water
Contains energy-generating vitamin B2, niacin, pantothenic acid, and biotin
Contains vitamin B1 for energy metabolism
Magnesium for energy use
Contains vitamin B6 using protein & amino acids
Contains vitamin B12 necessary for normal folic acid metabolism
Contains vitamin C to protect cells from free radicals
Contains zinc necessary for normal immune function and cell division

Intake amount and intake method

Once a day, dissolve 1 tablet in water and consume.
Enjoy a variety of Veroka depending on the amount of water.
Put one tablet in a 500ml bottle of mineral water and enjoy it lightly and softly.
Put one in a 350ml glass and enjoy it fresh.
Put one in a 150ml paper cup and enjoy.