[Benton] Lets Carrot Multi Oil 30ml Skin balance Moisture care

[Benton] Let's Carrot  Multi Oil 30ml

Glossy skin care that protects skin that has lost its shine,
from hair to toes and between skin textures with German carrots
-Contains vegetable oil and carrots from Germany, soothes dead skin cells,
prevents moisture evaporation in dry areas, and provides rich nutrition to revitalize the skin.
-More than 99% of naturally derived ingredients fill the skin with deep nutrition and elasticity.
-Skin balance care

[How to use]
At the last step of skin care, take 2-3 drops of this product on your hands and apply directly to the skin,
or rub it widely across the palm of your hand, and apply it by absorbing it gently as if wrapping the skin.

Tips for use:

skin care
-If your skin is sensitive, try skip care with two steps: mist and oil.
-If you are unhappy with the moisturizing power of the basic product you used, mix 1 or 2 drops to improve the moisturizing power!
-A matte base product, if your skin hurts in the fall and winter, mix 1 to 2 drops of oil and make up.
-Complete moist lip condition with dry lips and lip mask!

Hand care
-Squeeze the hand cream generously on clean hands, mix it with oil and apply it,
put on gloves, sleep or leave it to sleep, and absorb or wash off the contents.

-Cuticle care and pretty hands
Dripping and rubbing by dropping 1 drop on dry and cuticle-prone nails and around the nails completes the cuticle sleep!

Cleansing steps
-Clean moisturizing cleansing without pulling
After moistening your hands and face with lukewarm water,
add oil to the facial cleanser and wash your face with foam to dissolve sebum and trap moisture.

Hair care steps
-Make your scalp and hair moist
After mixing shampoo and oil 5 to 1, foam enough and wash your hair for a moist scalp.
-Before using a hair dryer, dip the oil into wet hair as much as a small 10 won coin size and
let it absorb evenly to protect the hair texture from heat.

Body care steps
Dead skin cells in the heels, elbows and peach bones,
dead skin cells arising from a drop of oil can be calmed down and smooth dream management is possible.
If you are unhappy with the seasonal moisturizing power of your usual body lotion, mix it with oil and apply.