BELLASOO GILIN Necting Cream 45g Moisturizing,lifting and wrinkle care at the same time Neck care

GILIN Necting Cream 45g

Roll every day from the neckline to the shoulder line!
You can easily do neck care because the roller device allows the cream to be absorbed and the rolling massage is possible.
- Elasticity effect of natural botox
- Moisturizing, lifting and wrinkle care at the same time
- Moist and fresh finish with a milky texture that absorbs freshly without stickiness
- No artificial color, fragrance, mineral oil, silicone oil, talc, ammonia, surfactants (ALES, SLES, ALS, SLS), sulfate added

[How to use]
When the contents come out by pressing the tube, gently massage it with a roller.
When using for the first time, press the tube firmly with both hands until the cream comes out.
* Wash under running water while pressing the white buttons on both sides of the roller.
Both buttons are locks to prevent water from entering the tube.