[Beautyoung] O2ence Bubble Tone-up Effect Cream Whitening Anti-Wrinkle SPF50+PA+++ 50ml

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O2ENCE Bubble Tone Up Cream 50ml

It is romantically colored pink with any skin.

-Whether it's light, dark or skin tone,

it's the most natural and elegant pink color for my skin.

'Oxygen tone-up cream' that creates bubbles in the product through

air and friction to brighten and revitalize the skin

Triple functional cosmetics

Whitening improvement: Helps to improve skin tone by shining with natural skin

and containing niacinamide, a complex of water-soluble

vitamin B which is a whitening functional ingredient

Wrinkle improvement: Strengthens curved skin, and contains adenosine

to help improve skin elasticity and wrinkles.

UV protection: protects the skin from aging by blocking both UV and A rays

Top rated SPF50 +

Blocks ultraviolet rays B, causing redness on the skin, eyes and cheeks

Tight blocking PA +++

UV-A blocking to reach skin dermis and promote skin aging


-Oxygen droplet therapy with skin breathing all the way inside

The fine bubbles in the cream help to absorb the active ingredients deep into

the skin and care for the pores, opening the hide of the skin.


5 dimensional brilliance solutions to illuminate face contours

Five face points that are easy to get dull gives a soft glow to revitalize your skin from any angle!


Skin Conditioning & Soothing

Gives conditioning to care for skin health

(Machi Prefecture Extract, Green Tea Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Chamomile Flower Extract)

Water supply

Participate in skin moisturizing and moisturize dry skin!

(Golden Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen)

Soothing & Pore

Helps calm, elasticity and pore care

(Centella extract)


Secret tip:

The secret of extraordinary beauty

Pearl & Diamond Jewelry Powder

We will maximize the natural beauty of your skin with a soft glow from inside your skin.


7 all-in-one skin care goes beyond tone-up cream

Amazing changes to your skin starting with the Otooence bubble tone up effect

(Elasticity, brilliance, wrinkle, tone up, whitening, moisture, nutrition)


1.No! Sticky, neat and light finish

2.Good! Adhesion, perfect fit without burying

3.Pinkish radiance, soft application and lively pink skin


Recommended for these people.

-Those who want bright and bright skin

-Anyone who wants an imposing person anywhere anytime

-Those with heavy makeup


How to use

After washing your face, prepare your skin.

At the end of the skin care, apply an appropriate amount.

Apply once more on forehead, nose, around eyes, nasolabial folds, and chin to revive light.