beauty completion project Carbohydrate Cutting Agent Its a Secret Garcinia Supplement 900mg x 84EA

beauty completion project
"It's a Secret" Garcinia Supplement
900mg x 84 Tablets

- Contains 1500mg HCA per day
-Contains 9 kinds of vitamins + minerals
Zinc, vitamin E, C, pantothenic acid, niacin, garcinia, vitamin B2, selenium, vitamin B1, B6
-9 kinds of auxiliary ingredients
Indigestible maltodextrin, L-garginine, green apple extract powder, African mango seed extract powder, green tea extract powder, chitosan powder, green coffee extract powder, mixed lactic acid bacteria, L-carnitine
- Cut carbohydrates by taking 2 tablets twice a day before or after meals!

[How to take]
2 times a day, take 2 tablets at a time with water.