BB Lab Biotin Gumi Apple Jelly 3.5g x 28EA High Content DSM 2500 Vitamin B7

BB Lab
Biotin Gumi Apple Jelly
3.5g x 28EA

-Soft and chewy, easy to use, Gumi type
-Full of 2500ug of premium biotin ingredients from France!
-Various sub-materials carefully selected
Contains vitamin C, AE, zinc, and germinated pea extract powder

[Recommended for these people]
-People who need protein metabolism
-Those who want energy generation and vitality of life
-Those who want to consume delicious biotin
-Those who are easily tired due to a large amount of activity
-Those who want to supply abundant nutrition
-For those who want to easily and easily supplement biotin

[How to take]
Chew and consume 2 once a day, once a day.
If you have an unusual constitution or allergic constitution,
please check the name of the ingredient before taking it.