Barryorang Kids Infants Silicon Dioxide-Free Breast Milk Syn Biotics (2g x 30 Packs) x 2Box

Barryorang Children's Immune Probiotics
(2g x 30 Packs)

Children's Kids Infants' Silicon Dioxide-Free Breast Milk SynBiotics

Functional multibiotics suitable for our children's field
Intestinal health, normal immune function, and bone health are packed in one package.
*Contains probiotics (main ingredient), prebiotics (sub ingredient), new biotics (sub ingredient), vitamin D, and zinc
*Contains 17 types of lactic acid bacteria
*24 billion invested, 2 billion guaranteed
*Patent lactic acid bacteria, patent coating
*10 No additives
Silicon dioxide, fragrance, sweetener, magnesium stearate, colorant, D-sorbitol, HPMC, isomalt, sodium caseinate, crystalline cellulose
*Nurungji Flavor (Nurungji, sweet potato, banana, organic alpha powder, lemon, Bacillus subtilis, chicory dietary fiber, etc. are used to remove additives.)

Intake Method
 Take 1 time per day, 1 packet 2g per time, or take it with water.