[BANILACO]Covericious Power Fit Foundation Lightweight Buildable All Day Wear SPF45 PA++ 30ml


Covericious Power Fit Foundation  30ml

Inorganic UV protection functional cosmetics

Point 1

Fine coverage particles, ground with powerful power, cover the inner skin tightly and precisely

Point 2

The delicate cover remains beautiful until the end, lasting 36 hours, complete the human application test

Point 3

Thin but strong fit, power fit fit, thin fit

Point 4

Tender, easy-to-use foundation foundation, trouble safe fit

Inorganic car shield reflects ultraviolet rays


No.19 Cream-Makes Bright Skin Shine! Bright and clean skin like cream

No.21 Rose-All-around color that Rose's brightness blooms on any No.21 skin

No.21 Vanilla-Great for Flush Cover! Vanilla ice cream color to make red skin calm and mood

No. 23 Cinnamon-Currently Healthy-ton !, Cinnamon Color Matches Active and Healthy Skin

No.23 Peanuts-Soft and refined peanuts! No. 21 is bright and No. 23 makes dark skin chic and calm