[BANILACO] Miss Flower Mr.Honey Face Cream 70ml


Premium Miss Flower & Mr Honey Cream 70ml

with 6 Honey Supplements


Honey / Beads wax / Royal jelly / Honey Butter / Honey Hydro / Propolis

Stick to the nutritional ingredients without sticking!

Powerful honey moisturizing film that creates a smooth skin texture.

-Nutrition and moisturizing at once! Moisture pod tight!

-A smooth honey light coating film is formed on the surface of the skin to provide nutrition and adhesion to the base!

-Special care available anywhere

Lip keratin care-Apply honey cream on dry lips before going to bed,

sleep and wake up and wipe gently with a cotton swab.

The keratin disappears and it is reborn into smooth lips.

Nourishes nails and heels

What if you have dry nails and cuticles?

Applying a small amount of honey cream will soften your nails and cuticles quickly.

Emergency Hair Essence for Bad Hair

What if you care about your rough hair?

Take a small amount of honey cream and apply it  evenly over the ends of your hair.

Smooths and nourishes damaged hair.

How to use

Take an appropriate amount at the cream stage and spread it evenly over your skin.