[Cell Fusion C] Post ɑ Calming Down Cream Cooling Skin Sensitivity Down 50ml


Calming Down Cream 50ml
Keeps Skin Sensitive

L30. 1st Calming Solution for Sensitive Skin Post ɑ


Cooling & moisture up
Red peptide ingredient soothes and moisturizes sensitive skin.

Natural tone correction

Formulated with natural ingredients,
Phyto Green Complex's Green
formulation provides natural skin tone correction.

Minimize skin irritation

Complete the Sensitive Skin Conformance Test
and use your sensitive skin with confidence.

3 Care System

Micro calming

Sensitive skin care with micro-calming ingredients

Skin sensitivity down
Contains Azulenol, a unique ingredient developed for soothing skin soothing care

Moisture storage

Moisturizing factors necessary for skin are closely delivered to improve moisture density!

If you have such skin, use Calming Down Cream!

When the skin becomes sensitive to the weather and the environment

When you want even skin tone

When you need a moisturizing cream

How to use

At the end of the morning and evening skincare,take the right amount and apply gently.