[Ballon] 3D Footbrush Foot Exfoliator Foot Wash Mat 220mm~290mm


Ballon 3D Footbrush Foot Exfoliator Foot Wash Mat

Toe, sole arch, heel, foot all care
Domestic foot cleaning mat made of high-quality PVC material
No worry about slipping! Solid sucker

Only Ballon 4-zone care
Zone 1:
Zig-Zag design clears the toe gap
Zone 2:
Cleaning and clearing acupressure with 2 types of bumps
Zone 3:
Clears dead skin cells on the heel with fine fine projections
Zone 4:
Clear cleaning up to the instep with 3D structure

[How to use]

-Pump the body wash 1-2 times and sprinkle with water.

-Wash both feet back and forth.
-Wash your feet and brushes thoroughly with running water.
-Hang the used brush to dry.
Size: 31.3cm wide, 13.7cm long, 7.5cm high