[The Harnay] Hyzulene Toner Lotion Cream Set (200ml/200ml/80ml)High moisture Skin Soothing Oil Sebum

Soothes irritated skin,
Moisturizes dry and dry skin

[The Harnai Hyzulene Toner, Lotion, Cream 3ea Set]

When you want extraordinary hydration,
meet the hydrolyzed collagen that gives skin elasticity and azulene that helps skin soothing

* Dry skin
* Sensitive skin
* Lost skin
* Soothes irritated skin

-Hydrolyzed collagen (skin lotion 10,000ppm / cream 8,000ppm),
which is 4 times the content of regular collagen,
and water molecule that attracts more than 5000 times its own moisture-Provides extreme moisture through the meeting of polyglutamic acid

-Violet azulene lowers skin temperature,
soothes inflammation and helps calm allergies, skin damage, troubled skin, and flushed skin

* Healthy skin pH 5.5 "Slightly acidic"


Skin: A water-type toner that contains azureen, a natural blue color, and has a blue tinge
The water-flowing formulation gives moisture to the skin and boasts a refreshing, soft finish without stickiness
Dry, oily, complex, problem water type toner that can be used on all skin types

Lotion: A moist type of lotion that contains azurene, a natural blue color, giving it a bluish tinge.
It absorbs quickly into the skin and finishes lightly without stickiness.
It is a water-type lotion that can be used on all types of skin

This is a soothing gel type cream that contains azurene, which is a natural blue color, and has a blue tinge
It is a cream that is refreshing, lightweight and has good moisturizing power.
It is a soothing gel type cream that can be used on all types of skin

*** This product has a transparent blue color, which is not an artificial color, but a natural color of azulene, a natural ingredient
Due to direct sunlight, the color may become light during use, but the effect is the same, so don't worry