[Baekje] Mothers Hand Flavored Rice Cake Soup 163g x 6 / 10/18EA

Baekje Mother's Hand Flavored Rice Cake Soup 163g

The light and refreshing taste of beef bone broth is excellent.
Pour boiling water anytime, anywhere, and eat it in 2 minutes, so it is convenient.
-Using only the most reliable rice, the rice cake is chewy and soft.
-It is low in calories with 326 kcal in one bowl.
You can enjoy a healthy meal with beef bone soup in 150g of rice cake with low calories.
About 30% kcal of ramen is low.
-No trans fat, no preservatives, no color
-Pour boiling water over 100 degrees Celsius, and you can drink it anytime, anywhere in 2 minutes.

[How to cook]
Open the wrapped rice cake, put it in a cup, and add the enclosed soup.
Pour water boiled over 100℃ to the inner mark, cover it, and eat it after 2 minutes.