[BAEBAE]Mountain Goat UV Cusion 15g SPF 50+PA++++ Matt All Day Wear Pore Refining Do Not Bury


Mountain Goat UV Cusion

SPF 50+,PA++++
Matt All Day Wear
Pore ​​Refining Effect
With Sunscreen

Cosmetics made by a cosmetics expert with 10 years of cosmetic
manufacturing experience discovering the absence of cosmetics for mothers and listening to their concerns.
Cosmetics that do not bury children

With the heart of my mother who wants to show her natural appearance without makeup

-Excellent coverage but light as a feather
-The color is the closest to the color of the skin,
and a magical cushion with softness without worrying about getting on our children

-Exclusion of harmful ingredients
No parabens or phthalates were used.
-No artificial flavors
Artificial flavors and color dyes that are restricted for use in EU/USA are also not added.
-Skin hypoallergenic test completed

[Two colors considering skin tone and brightness]

No. 21 Natural Beige
It is not overly bright or white.
Face color, color without makeup
No. 23 medium beige
Orange is not turning or rough. Face color of healthy complexion that is slightly darker than No. 21, without makeup