B2ON The Postbiotics Lactobacillus Synbiotics (1g x 30EA )x 2EA Contains 31% zinc, 30% Selenium

B2ON The Postbiotics Lactobacillus Synbiotics
1g x 30EA 

-Lactobacillus metabolites
As an auxiliary ingredient, up to lactic acid bacteria (postbiotics)
-Patented quadruple coating technology
-Premium strains with 70 years of research results
Contains 1 type of Lactobacillus, 2 types of bifidus, 2 types of caucus
-NGS analysis completed
- Triple functional design
Contains 1 billion CFU of probiotics
Contains zinc and selenium
-Contains 28 kinds of auxiliary ingredients
15 kinds of grain mixed enzyme: brown rice, barley, whole wheat, black bean, red bean,
millet, sorghum, oat, buckwheat, rye, corn, barley radish, soybean, potato, sweet potato
Contains 11 kinds of vitamins and minerals: vitamins A, B2, B6, biotin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, niacin, vitamins C, D, E, zinc
Type 2 dietary fiber: indigestible maltodextrin, chicory inulin
- Convenient five-family lactic acid bacteria with 1 g of concentrated hanpo

[How to take]
Take 1 sachet at a time, once a day, with water or as it is.