[AYA] Portable cream beer bubble maker [Beer latte LMT-BB100]

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Cream Beer Maker [Beer latte] BB100

Excellent portability

You can enjoy beer latte anytime and anywhere with the size of one hand and light weight of 74g.


Cream beer with one touch

Ultrasonic vibrator, which moves 40,000 times per second, preserved the softness of the cream beer specialty store and

put it in the Aya beer latte BB100.

Easy operation

Beer latte beer foamer can be used to switch between beer and foam in one touch.

If you press the button, bubbles are generated.

If you do not press the bubble, beer is released.

How to use

1. Insert the beer can into the beer latte beer outlet.

2. Press the ON button on the back.

3.The AYA logo turns on and the beer bubble is activated and turns off automatically after 15 seconds.

4. After checking the AYA logo light, fill the glass with foam.