Attiki Greek Honey 30 Sticks, Natural Honey Stick 240g (8g x 30 Packs)

Attiki Greek Honey 30 Sticks
Greece Natural Honey Stick 240g (8g x 30 Packs)

The unprocessed natural state!
Even various nutrients!
Greek Honey-Also called thyme, its strong scent is not lost after long-term storage.
It contains abundant nutrients from luteolin, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and various vitamins as it is called'natural nutrients' from nature.
No additives! , Heat NO! Processing NO! 100% natural honey

[Who should eat it?]
-Office workers in need of stress management and fatigue recovery
-Candidates who need to improve concentration and brain activity
-Elderly people who need immunity improvement and nutrition management

[When should I eat it?]
-Prevent muscle loss by supplying sugar after exercise (after simultaneous)
-Relieve fatigue with nutritious snacks instead of caffeine (daily life)
-Prepare for emergency situations with a sudden decline in physical strength (sports activities)

[How should I eat it?]

-Healthy with honey tea
-With bread and yogurt
-Used in cooking instead of sugar.