Attiki Greek Dark Brown Forest Honey / OAK TREE HONYDEW 8g x 30 Sticks Greeces Best Honey


 Attiki Greek Dark Brown Forest Honey
OAK TREE HONYDEW 8g x 30 Sticks
Greece's Best Honey

The unprocessed natural state!
Even various nutrients!

OAK TREE HONYDEW-It is not honey collected from flowers like ordinary honey, but honey that a bee bites the essence of a tree.
When a long drought comes, plants wrap themselves with the best ingredients they have to protect themselves,
at which point bees fetch the extract from the aphids and other insects eaten and excreted.
It contains abundant nutrients from luteolin, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and various vitamins as it is called'natural nutrients' from nature.
No additives! , Heat NO! Processing NO! 100% natural honey

[Who should eat it?]
-Office workers in need of stress management and fatigue recovery
-Candidates who need to improve concentration and brain activity
-Elderly people who need immunity improvement and nutrition management

[When should I eat it?]

-Prevent muscle loss by supplying sugar after exercise (after simultaneous)
-Relieve fatigue with nutritious snacks instead of caffeine (daily life)
-Prepare for emergency situations with a sudden decline in physical strength (sports activities)

[How should I eat it?]
-Healthy with honey tea
-With bread and yogurt
-Used in cooking instead of sugar.