Atosolution Red Propolis ( 480mg x 60EA) Immune Function Antioxidant Oral Health/ 3rd Generation

Atosolution Red Propolis
( 480mg x 60 Capsules)

-5 kinds of antioxidants
-Contains 17mg of flavonoids
-Antibacterial action in the oral cavity, antioxidant action spreading in the body, normal immune function
-6 types of complex functional design
Propolis Extract + Nutrient Complex Function Design
-Various propolis at once!
A triple propolis product that contains three different types of red, green, and brown propolis extracts.
- 2 capsules per day without water
Safe capsule with less burden on digestion with plant ingredients
Refreshing antibacterial activity that spreads throughout the mouth
Clean without synthetic fragrances
Anytime, anywhere, easily without water
-5 kinds of excipients and additives are not added
HPMC, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, synthetic fragrance, tar color

[How to take]
Chew 2 capsules daily.