[Asobu] Cold Brew Maker + Handle Kit included Homemade Dutch Coffee

Asobu Cold Brew Maker + Handle Kit included
Cold Blue Machine Home Dutch Coffee

Canadian drinkware brand ASOBU is a brand loved all over the world by applying BPA FREE with original design,
innovative technology, and eco-friendly materials for all products.

-It is easy to use with a three-layer structure, and each part is separated for easy cleaning and storage.
-The combination of the handle kit and the lower tumbler makes it more useful as a warm and cool server.
-Asobu's unique cold brew maker (leaching type)
-There is almost no coffee fine powder by applying a semi-permanent special stainless steel mesh filter,
and there is no additional consumable cost due to no need for a paper filter.
-Takeout is possible at the same time as extraction!
The lower storage container is a double stainless steel vacuum tumbler with excellent thermal and cold insulation functions.
-Vacuum tumbler uses double well stainless steel structure + internal copper coating.
-100% BPA FREE

-You must use ground coffee, and it is better to use medium-thick ground coffee.
-Adjust the amount of coffee and water according to your preference, and the extraction time is 12 to 24 hours.
-Pour the ground coffee into the filter and slowly pour it in a circle when pouring water.
-Do not use dishwasher or microwave. Do not keep frozen.
-Do not add dry ice, carbonated acid, or salty beverages.
-If you are holding a hot drink, close the lid after draining the vapor for about 1 minute.