Artois 3Seconds Tone Up Cream 100ml Whitening Wrinkle Double Function Skin Fit Texture

Tone-up cream that instantly illuminates in 3 seconds
(Whitening, wrinkle double function)

Artois Three Seconds Tone Up Cream 100ml

-Natural customized tone up
It blends naturally with the natural skin, carefully illuminating one tone and one tone.
-Skin fit texture
It is lightly absorbed without stickiness/stuffiness, so you can feel comfortable like inner skin.
-Dual Brightening
The inside is filled with moisture and the outside is filled with radiance.
-Unrivaled large capacity
It is safe even if you use it generously on your face, arms, and legs.
-The container is made of laminated tube.
It minimizes air contact. There is no fear of deterioration and hygienic use is possible.
-Formulation: Moist cream type with a soft touch.
The color is pure white and milky, and with a refreshing application, there is no clumping or slipping phenomenon,
and it adheres to the skin, creating a natural tone-up.

[How to use]

-Tone-up cream alone
Apply only one tone-up cream to the skin to express natural skin.
-Tone up cream + BB cream mix
Mix BB cream and tone up cream that did not match your skin tone and match it to your own skin tone.