Aromatica Rosemary Scalp Root Energizing Scaling Shampoo 250ml

Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo 250ml

*It is a shampoo that gently removes dead skin cells that clog scalp pores and helps absorb nutrients to create a healthy scalp
that revitalizes the sensitive scalp and hair.
*Scalp enhancing formula for healthy scalp and hair roots
Rosemary, pine needles, ginger, bringras, basil, coriander, and oregano were brewed directly through the decoction extraction method.
*As it contains hypoallergenic LHA instead of salicylic acid, you do not have to worry about using it again.
*You can feel the refreshing scent of Herbacius by blending rosemary oil with a clean and clear scent, soft lavender oil, and refreshing orange oil.
*Formulation is a translucent gel type. It cleans gently and neatly with plant-derived cleaning ingredients.

[Who will use it?]

-Scalp sensitive to stress and external stimuli
-Scalp sensitive to use of regular shampoo
-Those who are stressed by scalp dead skin cells
-Those who are worried about oily and heavy scalp
-People who are looking for shampoo for the whole family such as young children, pregnant women, men, etc.
-Those who are worried about the smell of their scalp

[How to use]

Take off the shampoo and lather, then apply evenly to wet hair and scalp.
When rich bubbles form, massage every corner of the scalp with a scalp care shampoo brush that turns around your fingertips in the direction of the hairline to the crown and extends from the crown to the back of the neck.
It can soak up old sebum and dirt enough and relieve tension on the scalp.
After rinsing with lukewarm water enough,
rinse with slightly cold water at the end of the rinse to give tension to the scalp and hair and give it elasticity.