[April Skin]Real Carrot 3 Set (Acne Foam Cleanser 120ml Blemish Clear Serum45g /Cream 60g)


* Real Carrot Acne Foam Cleanser 120ml

Carrot Foam Cleanser helps to soothe the skin.

-Cleanser without pulling after cleansing:
A cleansing agent without moisture that helps both moisturize and double skin care

-Improves sebum and skin texture with only one use:
Helps to remove waste products generated by sebum and cares for skin texture smoothly

-Suitable for acne-prone skin: 3 kinds of balanced carrots, good foam cleanser for sensitive skin
-Contains salicylic acid, acne skin care
-Mild deep cleanser with hypo-irritation test

* Real Carrot Blemish Clear Serum 45g

-Carrot seed oil: It is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, and has excellent skin texture improvement and soothing effect.
-Carrot protein that enhances absorption; Carrot protein with high skin affinity was added to increase the absorption of the product.
-Even if the oil content is high, there is no shine.
-Contains niacinamide to brighten up skin tone.

[How to use]
Trim the skin texture after cleansing: After meticulously trimming the skin chaff,
take an appropriate amount (pumping 1-2 times) and gently apply it to the entire face along the skin texture.
With First Serum-- When you want to soothe irritation caused by washing your face,
use it immediately after washing your face to feel the soothing skin.
When the skin needs soothing, especially when the skin is sensitive and tired,
layer it 2-3 times and apply evenly to the skin.

* Real Carrot Blemish Clear Cream 60g
-Helps calm the skin
-Healthy skin barrier
-Clinical completion of acne skin use
-One carrot is extracted from the roots to the leaves,
so it contains all the ingredients without missing any of the ingredients.