[April Skin]Real Calendula Moisture Peeling 3 Set (Peel Off PackMoisture Peeling PadEssence)


Real Calendula Moisture Peeling 3 set

Now care for sensitive skin soothing with calendula.

Consumer Satisfaction 99.9%

* Contains real calendula petals in the product.

Real Calendula Peel Off Pack

-Peeling and waste removal at the same time.

-Keratin, sebum, and waste removal
-It is recommended 1 ~ 2 times a week depending on the
amount of sebum or the condition of skin.

-No skin irritation 0%, fit 98% satisfaction, peeling effect 99% satisfaction,
residual 0% none, skin improvement 95% satisfaction.

( Daily hypoallergenic moisture peeling pad)
Real Calendula moisture peeling pad

-Contains 79% of Calendula flowers

-Remove makeup residue, fine dust and waste
-Basic care first step after washing face:
Hypoallergenic waste and keratin management with embo cotton.
Hypoallergenic skin texture organized with soft cotton.
Use as a skin soothing skin pack on the face before makeup.

No skin irritation 0%, sebum control 89% satisfaction, whisper 90% satisfaction,
moisture replenishment 95% satisfaction, waste removal 93% satisfaction.

(Quick calming essence) 
Real Calendula Deep Moisture Essence

-Contains 80% of Calendula flowers

-Karendulla + hyaluronic acid delivers moisture
-After cleansing, fix the skin texture with a pad and apply 2-3 drops with a dropper to cover the face.
-Tip: If you mix and use makeup products one drop at a time,
it's also a moisturizing makeup that is moist even during a dry season!

No skin irritation 0%, Whisper 92% satisfaction, Sebum control 90% satisfaction,
Skin soothing 95% satisfaction, Moisture replenishment 98% satisfaction

Take care of sensitive skin soothing calendula.