April Skin Real Calendula Peel Off Pack 100g Vegan Peel Off Pack

Real Calendula Peel Off Pack 100g
Vegan Peel Off Pack

* Completed 7 human application tests
(Sebum (oil) improvement, skin texture improvement, temporary gloss improvement,
pore cleaning, temporary keratin improvement, pore tightening effect, skin safety test)
* It contains petals, pistils, stamens, and sepals as it is.
*Effect of removing waste products that can be felt with one use
*3 Step low molecular network structure mechanism, high performance gentle skin solution for all!
*Tight Fisted Peel Off adheres deeply to the skin
*10-20 minutes, removes by adsorption of wastes between hair follicles
*20-30 minutes, dead skin cells and waste products are eliminated at the peel-off stage

[Recommended for these people.]

-Those who are worried about rough skin
-Those who have makeup due to dead skin cells
-Those whose skin is shiny due to excessive sebum secretion
-Those with dull skin due to dead skin cells
-People who have sensitive skin and have trouble with peeling

[How to use]
Removes the entire face, removes only the desired area separately
Depending on the skin condition, it is recommended up to 1-2 times a week,
avoiding sensitive areas such as around the eyes and eyebrows.
If it doesn't fall off well, it's not dry yet.
If you dry enough and peel off, you can see a better effect.