[Apricot Beauty] Pimple Pickel Patches / Face lift Tapes waterproof




Apricot Beauty Lifting Tape is a pain-free,
safe product that can be easily used on face lines and neck wrinkles.

With a little practice in using the tapes you can redefine your facial outline
and hide unwanted wrinkles. Your face will immediately look more firm and tight.

immediate lifting effect
almost invisible
easy to cover with makeup
vegan and cruelty-free
made in Germany

How to use

* Contains 40 single-use facelift tapes
* Applied to neck and face lines where wrinkles are anxious

1.After face wash, please use after dry skin completely.
2. Remove the film on the bottom side first.
3. Remove the remaining film after fixing it on the face and neck area.
4.Remove the film remaining on the top after applying.


simple against pimple

No more pimple panic! Our pimple patches are
enriched with highly effective hydrocolloid –
it dries out your pimples and ensures a rapid
healing. The patches protect the wounds from
germs, have an antibacterial effect and soothe
your skin. Minimal ingredients. Maximal effect.

contains 72 single-use patches in two sizes
excellent skin tolerance
long adherence
vegan and cruelty-free
made in Germany

It is easy to use on the acne-prone areas and the patch
helps antibacterial action to protect the wound from germs.

How to use

* A total of 72 disposable patches in two sizes.
* Day and night use is available.
1.After washing your skin, dry it thoroughly before use.
2. Remove the attached patch and use it.
3. Stick to the acne areas you are worried about.