[Apricot Beauty] Décolleté Wrinkle Removal Silicone Pad Hyaluron Contained


[Features of Product]

  • Made of 100 % medical grade silicone - Made in Germany!
  • Dermatological test compleshed with an "excellent" skin tolerance result!
  • The soft, extra-thin silicone also ensures a comfortable usage
  • The cleaning is very simply with clear water without damaging the adhesion
  • No.1 brand in US and Europe

With increasing age, the body produces less natural hyaluronan, reducing the tension and elasticity of the skin. Décolleté is especially susceptible to this. As time goes on, sleeping on the side and a high level of exposure to UV radiation lead to décolleté wrinkles that do not recede on their own. Medical-grade silicone enriched with highly potent ingredients has been registered for international patent protection by APRICOT. Hyaluron increases the moisture content of your skin and stabilises it over the long term. It stimulates collagen production, strengthens the skin, and makes it soft and supple. You can clean the Silicone care Décolleté Pad with Hyaluron very simply under running water and reuse it. After about 20-30 applications, the hyaluronan storage is used up and the pad should then be renewed.


Product Name: Healthcare Silicon Care Décolleté Pad To Eliminate And Prevent Chest Wrinkles

Origin: Germany

Brand: Apricot Beauty

Ingredient: 100% Medical Silicone, Hyaluron