[Apricot Beauty] Healthcare Facial Eyelid Tape


[Features of Product]

  • Radiant and expressive eyes
  • Waterproof, transparent and long-lasting
  • Easy and invisible application
  • S size: 48EA / M size: 48EA (Total 96EA contained)
  • No.1 Brand in US and Europe

Drooping eyelids make your eyes appear small and tired which makes you look older than you feel. They give you a depressed and sad look. Creams and or massages offer no positive results. Often the only way out is an eye lid operation. The APRICOT SKIN Eyelid Tapes restore your fresh and positive look instantly with a stunning result. Applied quickly and easily the APRICOT SKIN Eyelid Tapes make you look fresh and young. You can wear them during the whole day invisible and covered by your daily make-up.


        Product Name: Healthcare Apricot Skin facial patches (Eyelid Tape)

        Origin: Germany

        Brand: Apricot Beauty

        Ingredient: Skin-friendly fabric with transparent color, waterproof, and air permeable function