[Apricot Beauty] Eye Wrinkle Removal Silicone Pad Hyaluron Contained


[Features of Product]

  • One eye pad is re-usable for 30 times 
  • Enriched with highly effective hyaluron
  • Reusable several times! Washable & hygienic
  • Made in Germany! Dermatological test completed with excellent skin tolerance results
  • Easy to use - apply regularly for at least 1 hour - visible results after only a few applications

The innovative combination of medical grade silicone enriched with highly potent active ingredients has been registered for international patent protection by APRICOT. Clinical trials have confirmed the efficacy of these specially prepared APRICOT silicone pads in reducing wrinkles! The Silicone care Eye Pads are made of extra-fine, medical grade silicone. Highly effective hyaluron was incorporated into the bottom layer of the material. The hyaluron increases the moisture content of your skin and sustainably reduces unpleasant wrinkles caused by dryness and aging.The Silicone care Eye Pads can be easily cleaned under running water and reused. After about 20-30 applications, the hyaluron storage is used up, and the pads should then be renewed.


      Product Name: Healthcare Apricot Skin facial patches (Eye)

      Origin: Germany

      Brand: Apricot Beauty

      Ingredient: 100% Medical Silicone, Hyaluron