Anua HEARTLEAF 77 Clear PAD 160ml (70sheets) Hypoallergenic exfoliation with PHA

HEARTLEAF 77 Clear Pad 160ml (70 Sheets)

*Hypoallergenic exfoliation / removal of impurities in pores with PHA
* Patented ingredient that inhibits sebum secretion, ANTI SEBUM P
*77% Eoseongcho extract, excellent for soothing
*Eoseongcho 77 Toner was added as it is.
*20 kinds of precautionary ingredients
*Non-comedogenic test completed
*Confirmed suitable for use with acne skin.
* Reduced blackheads/reduced pore size
*Non-sticky, fresh formulation
* After cleansing, wipe off any remaining color makeup residue.
*Apply to areas that need soothing and use as a soothing moisturizing mask pack.
* It is hygienic and convenient to use with one-touch cap and built-in tongs that are easy to open and close.
* You can care for dead skin cells without irritation every day.

[How to use]

-After cleansing, in the first step of basic care,
gently wipe the entire face with an embossed surface in the direction of the skin texture,
excluding the areas of the eyes and mouth.
Clean the skin by wiping it once more with the soft side opposite the pad.
After use, close the lid and seal it so that the pad does not dry out.