Answer 19 Cica panthenol Sleeping Cream 100ml

Answer 19 ​
Cica panthenol Sleeping Cream 100ml

- Wrinkle whitening dual function
-Contains Biocicaderm
-Skin irritation test completed
Centella asiatica leaf extract and Madecassoad are fermented with 3 types of lactic acid bacteria.
*Fermented Centella asiatica extract replaces purified water.
*3 types of lactic acid bacteria: 2 types of Lactobacillus + Bifidobacterium
* Contains 6% Panthenol
* R-barrier capsule melts and breaks at body temperature, providing stable and close cica care
* Non-sticky finish formulation
It is safe because it does not get on pillows or duvets.

[How to use]
After washing your face in the evening,
apply an appropriate amount according to the skin texture at the last step of skin care.
You can feel the strong cica scent and feel the moisture capsules penetrate deep into the skin.
After absorbing the product, go to sleep without washing your face.