[Anskin] Natural Modeling Pack Mask 450g x 1EA or 2EA Centella Soothing and Moisturizing

Anskin Natural Modeling Pack Mask 450g Centella

A professional esthetic solution mask for skin moisturizing and soothing skin

-Soothing mask to strengthen skin's soothing and moisturizing power
Contains xylitol ingredient that keeps skin moisturizing for a long time

-Soothes sensitive skin with centella extract
Mattecaic acid soothes the skin, helping dry and sensitive skin

-Moisturize skin by supplying moisture
Containing a large amount of moisturizing ingredients,
it fills the skin with a feeling of moisture and helps to make the skin surface smooth, vital and firm.

-High nutrients (ingredients extracted from seaweed)
The active ingredients generated by gelation of U.S. diatomaceous earth and potassium alginate together help skin care,
and it is the center line for an skin modeling mask.

-Easy to use
Even if applied thinly or thickly, when it dries, it does not generate a lot of powdery residue,
does not harden quickly, and is easily peeled off when removed.

How to use
1. After cleansing and arranging the skin texture with skin toner, apply functional products such as ampoules.
2. The ratio of powder and water is 1:0.8, measure it with a measuring cup,
put it on a rubber ball, mix it with a spatula, pull up the mask and apply
in the order of cheeks> chin> nose> forehead except for the nostrils and eyes.
Let the nutrients soak for about 3.15~20 minutes.
4. When the modeling mask is hardened, remove the mask and then remove any residue on the face.
5. After trimming your face with skin toner, finish with basic care to finish the care.