Anna Plus Natural Mogana Shampoo 500ml Natural weak acid hair loss prevention relief

Anna Plus
Natural Mogana Shampoo 500ml

- Silk-like soft radiance care
-Extreme softness with 7 types of protein silk therapy
-18 kinds of amino acids help to make hair soft and strong,
-20 kinds of vegetable oils and natural moisturizing factors
-Cool and refreshing scalp care with menthol ingredient
-Contains patented fermented ingredients
Composition for scalp or hair care containing fermented black garlic and method for manufacturing the same
-Improve the scalp environment
It provides a pleasant environment to the scalp by improving itching, pimples, and elasticity of the scalp.
Ginseng Extract & Yeast/ Red Ginseng Ferment Filtrate , Black Bean Stem Cell Culture/AHK-Cu
- Hair loss symptom relief shampoo
-Contains naturally derived surfactants
Contains naturally derived surfactant ingredients extracted from coconut and corn
-Slightly acidic pH 4.5~5.5
- Paraben, sulfate, silicone, artificial color, mineral oil free

[How to use ]
When the hair is wet,
take an appropriate amount and massage the hair lightly, then wash it off with water.