Anna Plus Intensive Repair Grang Cream 24h 50ml Trace care/anti-aging/nutrition supply whitening

Anna Plus Intensive Repair Grang Cream 24h 50ml

EGF cream dermatology after laser dermatology cica wrinkle improvement
-A transparent, radiant skin that shines like a jewel
It contains 1 carat of diamond, forming the same mechanism as professional skin care,
so it is easy to care for self-renewing traces that are easy and painless at home.
-Contains 4Gf ingredients, double function for wrinkle/whitening
It increases skin density, is involved in collagen and elastin production, and helps to improve elasticity.
-Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) 8 kinds of vegetable oils
Hyaluronic acid and 8 vegetable oils keep the skin moisturized for 24 hours, making the skin shine like a jewel.
-Centella asiatica extract to increase the skin's own strength + patented ingredient
Centella asiatica extract, natural protector and resurrection herb callus ingredients quickly soothe sensitive skin and strengthen the skin barrier.
* Smoothes skin with a moist texture filled with moisture!

[How to use]
As the skin is dry, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly to the face and body.