Anicare Multi Powder 50g for Immunity,Pet care solution for companion animals


Anicare Multi Powder 50g

for Immunity
Pet care solution for companion animals

-Patented immune substance and nutritional supplement that salmon met

Immunoglobulin: As a key substance by increasing immunity, it can help prevent various viral infectious diseases.
Salmon: Contains high-quality protein and minerals, omega 3, 6, etc. It can help with shiny skin and hair.
Probiotics & Prebiotics: These are beneficial bacteria that play a role in helping the intestines be healthy.
A number of beneficial bacteria become good food for the beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and can help improve intestinal function.
-5 chemical ingredients (coloring, synthetic seasoning, by-products, colorants, chemical preservatives) are not added at all.

-How does multi powder help my pet?

It helps alleviate immune system diseases caused by lack of immunity.
Helps alleviate skin diseases of fungi.
Helps improve bowel function and smooth bowel movements.

[Amount of daily feeding to companion animals]

Twice a day, the amount of feeding depends on the weight.

Small dogs and cats: 1-5 kg ​​in weight, 2 spoons
Medium-sized dogs and cats: 5-10 kg in weight, 4-6 spoons
Large dogs and cats: Weight 10kg~,5~10 spoons
This is the total amount you feed per day. 1 tablespoon is 1g.
When pets eat, just eat, snack, and medicine, you can feed them together.
* Please feed as soon as possible after opening.
*Please avoid refrigeration after opening, but keep in a cool place.
*Be careful not to get moisture.