Amos Glass Deco NO.1 Turtle 6 Colors Stained glass-color stickers

Amos Glass Deco Turtle
Stained glass-color stickers that I make myself

6 colors (Glass Deco 10.5ml 5 colors)
+ Edge pen 10.5ml 1 color
-The color is bright and clear.
-It develops creativity and enhances the sense of color for children.
-Can be used as a variety of decorative decorations.
-You can attach it to the glass window.

[How To Make]

Follow the sketch and draw with a border pen, wait for it to dry (about 1 hour),
and then fill it with the color you want.
If you mix colors naturally with a pin or toothpick, you can give a gradation effect.
After it is completely dry (about 8 hours or more), hold the end of the picture and remove it slightly,
then attach it to the desired place, such as a glass window or a mirror.